CFV – Sneak Peek tourney Infinite Phantom Legion & Celestial Valkyries

Introducing the Extra Booster Pack Vol. 4: Infinite Phantom Legion & Extra Booster Pack Vol. 5: Celestial Valkyries Sneak Preview Booster Draft Tournament! Be the first to get your hands on the upcoming VGE-EB04 & VGE-EB05 cards a week before the actual release!

Each Sneak Preview Kit for this special VGE-EB04 & VGE-EB05 Sneak Preview Event contains 24 Booster Packs of VGE-EB04 and 24 Booster Packs of VGE-EB05. Each Sneak Preview Kit supports 4-8 players, with half of the players forming their Booster Draft decks from VGE-EB04 Booster Packs and the other half from VGE-EB05 Booster Packs. After drafting, all players will gather and compete in the tournament

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