Yugioh Day

“Yu-Gi-Oh! Day” will be held on January 25th, 2014. This event will only be held at Official Tournament Stores. Eclusive Game Mat specifically for this event.

Here is a chance to get new players to this one-day event. Additional information coming soon, it will be similar to Sneak Peeks. This new event will bring players together for a fun-filled day. The event will be all day long as part of Yugioh Days we will have small 20 card demo decks and game mats to introduce new players on how to play yugioh. We will have experience instructures on site all day. Come when you want leave when you want. Raffles will be given out through out the day

A. Registration Fees and Pack Prizing

The registration fee for a Yu-Gi-Oh! Day is $5.00 USD in the United States ($5.00 CND in Canada). All players entering the Yu-Gi-Oh! Day event must receive this amount in commensurate prizing. For example, it could be one (1) Astral Pack.

B. Participation

Players of all ages who are in good standing with KDE may participate in Yu-Gi-Oh! Day events.

C. Prizes

Each Yu-Gi-Oh! Day kit will accommodate one (1) event. The Yu-Gi-Oh! Day kit includes the following:

 1 Yu-Gi-Oh! Day exclusive full size Game Mat

 8 Yu-Gi-Oh! Day Super Rare Tokens

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