Cardfight Vanguard Vol. 15: Infinite Rebirth Sneak Peek

The final hour approaches as the greatest fighters of <<Gold Paladin>>, <<Kagero>>, <<Link Joker>>, <<Aqua Force>>, <<Shadow Paladin>>, <<Pale Moon>> and <<Megacolony>> gather for the epic confrontation! Save the world or conquer it for the void, decide the fate of Planet Cray!

1 pack contains 5 random cards
1 display contains 30 packs
102 types of cards (RRR: 8/ RR: 12/ R: 22/ C: 60)+ SP: 12 [Parallel] + 1 secret!
1 card in every pack will definitely be an R or above card!!
1 secret foil [ЯЯЯ] card inserted in randomly selected displays in each carton!
4 premium rubber playmats inserted in each carton

Sneak Peek
Everyone will receive 6 booster packs to draft from. Top player will receive exclusive promo mat or deck box? A random mat\deck box will be given away within the pods.

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