Yugioh OTS Championship

The OTS Championship is a Swiss tournament with a top cut, and the winner of each Championship will score an exclusive OTS Championship Game Mat, and the Top 4 finishers will be awarded invitations to the World Championship Qualifier. This is a particularly effective way for local players to have a chance to earn an invitation to the WCQ, without needing to travel to a distant Regional Qualifier event.

DATE: Saturday September 27, 2014
COST: $20.00 (you will receive 4 Astral Packs or 5 DUEA booster packs)

Deck list will be required for the event as it is a higher than normal local event. LAN World will be providing exclusive prizes to the TOP 8 participants as well as WCQ Invites to the TOP 4 finishers. 

PLEASE NOTE: This event will be hosted at our store. There will be a max cap of 100 players. 

1st Place – OTS Championship Game Mat + WCQ invite + 12 booster packs*
2nd Place – WCQ Invite + 6 booster packs*
3rd Place – WCQ Invite + 6 booster packs*
4th Place – WCQ Invite + 6 booster packs*
5th Place – 3 booster packs*
6th Place – 3 booster packs*
7th Place – 3 booster packs*
8th Place – 3 booster packs*

* All pack prizes payouts are provided exclusively by LAN World Gaming

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