League of Legends – 12 hour LAN Party

LAN World announces its first League of Legends Tournament! Please join us for a 12 hour LAN where you will be eligible to play in all tournaments with just one $10 entry fee per person, and $30 if you need to rent ours for the day. The structure of the tournament will be bring your own PC (limited space so reservations recommended) or rent one of ours. We will be holding a 5v5, and a 1v1 tournament for sure. This will be in house only. No outside players are allowed to fill your teams. More details to come about the structure and prizes of the tournament. Please pass on the word and see you in RUNETERRA!

Registration: Please click on the paypal button on the bottom to pre-register for this event.  You may register as many people as you like just make sure to include the names of the players in your notes section when checking out. 

Also note, you will have to give us your screen name when registering. Your account can only be played by you during the competition. Anyone using another account that they did not register with to compete will be disqualified. 


TOURNAMENT Rules and REGULATIONS 1v1 First Blood Tournament (Rolling tournament)

1) The 1v1 tournament will be a SINGLE elimination tournament. Once you lose a match you will be eliminated. Matches are best of 3 (Finals included).

This will be played on the map Twisted Treeline!

2) All games will be first to First Blood, which means dying to a tower or jungle creeps does not count. Having first blood awarded to the player will count as a kill and a win. You may also win by destroying the Nexus.

Note: Keep in mind that killing a Karthus or Kog’Maw and then dying to their passive still gives YOU the First Blood. Pay attention to the screen and make sure to screen shot it.


4) The matches shall be 1v1.

5) Each summoner has 4 bans every match(s). Summoners must use all 4 bans. Bans will take place in the pre-game lobby with the left side summoner starting first and banning in order: 1-2-2-2-1

6) Ban affects only the game it was selected for! 

7) There are no restrictions on the jungle creeps.

8  There is no restriction on use of Teleport or Recall.

9) Banned items: Guardian Angel, Wriggle’s Lantern, Madred’s Razor

10) Banned summoner spells: Revive


Rules for 5v5 tournament:

1) Double elimination

2) 1 game matches

3) 60 minute time cap per game

4) Tie breaker at end of time are judged in this order: Team kills then First blood

5) Draft mode will be implemented

6) 1 captain is required per team. Most of the time I will only speak to 
the captain so pick someone who will communicate well for your team.

7) Screen shots of all surrenders and victories are suggested, as I will not be around to see all matches.

8  We are allowing 1 substitute per team. This person must be registered for the event in order to sub. He/She can only sub on your 5v5 team and not play/sub for any other team in the 5v5 tournament.

ALL RULES SUBJECT TO CHANGE AT the Tournament Organizers DISCRETION. There will be a Captains meeting at 1pm and the 5v5 tournament will start roughly around 1:30pm.

Please Bring: Power strip for your PC, exstension cord, and at least a 10 ft network cable as we will all be wired in for this LAN. Thanks!



1v1 Prizes

First place: 2800 Riot points to buy you some much needed skins

Second place: 1300 Riot Points

5v5 Prizes

First place: $200 in Gift cards to Best Buy/Game Stop per team (all depending on how many people show up, we will scale)

Second place: $100 in Gift cards to Best Buy/Game Stop per a team

Do not forget this is not all about the prizes, it is called a LAN Party for a reason. We are celebrating a super year for League of Legends. Please come join us!



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