StarCraft 2 Tournament

LAN World Gaming in conjunction with Twin Cities Open will be hosting another Starcraft 2 Tournament. 

WHEN:  Saturday July 30th , 2011

TIME:  Registration starts at 10:00 AM 1st Round pairing is at 12:00 PM

WHAT: SC2 1 vs 1 Diamond League & Bronze League

COST:  $10.00 Entrance fee (additional $20.00 if you want to rent one of our computers)

PRIZES:  Over $250 in total prizes

OTHER Information:

This will be a 12 hour LAN Party.  Prizes will be base off of total participents.  We will have a cap of 40 players so registration will continue until all slots are filled.  You are not considered registered until you have paid your entry fee in person or via the PayPal link below. ($1.00 handling charge if paying via Paypal)

BYOPC Check List:

1.  Computer (laptops preferred if possible)

2.  At least a 10 ft network cable

3.  A power Strip

4.  Mouse & mousepad (pads are highly recommended)

5.  Make sure to have your network cards up to date for everyone will be hardwired in. 

Please e-mail us at the address below oif you have any questions.  Thanks. or

PRE REGISTRATION HAS CLOSE..see you on Saturday !!!!

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